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Web Of Science: ResearcherID

מדריך על השימוש במאגר Web Of Science

ResearcherID-Informing Web of Science

Web of Science™ and ResearcherID are fully integrated.  You can search Web of Science by a ResearcherID, as well as view a link to the ResearcherID profile from a Web of Science record.

By adding publications to your ResearcherID “My Publications” list, you can assist in proper author attribution and identification.

Publications can be added to ResearcherID from Web of Science by selecting the “I Wrote These Publications” button. This serves as a feedback mechanism for updating Distinct Author Sets in Web of Science, as well as adding ResearcherID identifiers (and links to ResearcherID profiles) on records across Web of Science collections.

Distinct Author set and Adding Publications to WoK

RID identifiers in WoK


ResearcherID is your place to manage and share your professional information. Solve author identity issues while simultaneously adding dynamic citation metrics and collaboration networks to your personal profile.

Create a profile

Associate your ORCID

Build your publication list

Generate citation metrics from Web of Science

ResearcherID provides the global research community with an invaluable index to author information. By assigning a unique identifier to each author who participates, ResearcherID standardizes and clarifies author names and citations and makes your information search more straightforward and accessible.  Whether you are seeking citations for research, or leads to collaborators, thought leaders, speakers, editors, or reviewers, the unique ResearcherID will provide you with a clear avenue to the data you need.

Because ResearcherID is fully integrated with Web of Science™, you can use your profile to make sure you are getting properly credited for your work in Web of Science and use ResearcherID to find an author’s body of work.

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