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New Books

Celebrity Fashion Marketing

This book explores the concept of the celebrity as a human fashion brand, and the effectiveness of the celebrity in promoting fashions and shaping the identity and decisions of fashion consumers. 

Researching Digital Media and Society

This book shows you how research methods can help us to make sense of the myriad of information we encounter online every day, from Tiktok influencers to viral Twitter posts. Complete with case studies in each chapter, the book covers both well-established methods, such as network analysis, and cutting-edge ones, such as interface analysis.

Platforms and Cultural Production

The widespread uptake of digital platforms - from YouTube and Instagram to Twitch and TikTok - is reconfiguring cultural production in profound, complex, and highly uneven ways. Longstanding media industries are experiencing tremendous upheaval, while new industrial formations - live-streaming, social media influencing, and podcasting, among others - are evolving at breakneck speed. 

Influencers and Creators

This textbook combines cutting-edge conceptual and critical thinking on the subject with practical advice to go above and beyond what existing social media marketing textbooks offer.

Social Media Theory and Communications Practice

Comprehensive yet concise introduction to social media theory and practice. Combines social media theory with practical guidance on how to be an effective social media communicator in roles within public relations and other mass communication professions. Pedagogical features and online resources give case study spotlights and examples of social media in action.

Qualitative Methods in Communication and Media

Qualitative Methods in Media and Communication offers a learning-centered guide to designing, conducting, and evaluating qualitative communication and media research methods.

The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Border Journalism

This handbook critically analyzes cross‐border news production and "transnational journalism cultures" in the evolving field of cross-border journalism.

Performing Identity

This book examines how the persistent and deepening casualization and precarity of acting work, coupled with market pressures, has affected the ways in which actors are trained in the US and UK.

Managing Emotions in Journalism

This textbook offers the first practical guide to managing emotions in everyday journalism work based on interviews with more than 30 British journalists.

Celebrity Culture

Celebrity Culture is a comprehensive yet accessible survey of the pervasive phenomenon. This new edition of the textbook is fully revised and updated, incorporating up-to-date examples, case studies and additional features, including a timeline and retrospections at the end of chapters.