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Gender Studies: New Books

New Books

Body and Gender

 This book investigates the body as an essential vector of inequality, shaped by institutions, interaction and culture, and how in turn it contributes to partly modify them. Sassatelli and Ghigi show how the process of embodiment is at the same time naturalized and contested, particularly evident in the case of gender. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, and Queer Psychology

The second edition of this award-winning textbook provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer psychology. Comprehensive in scope and international in outlook, it offers an integrated overview of key topical areas, from history and context, identities and fluidity, families and relationships, to health and wellbeing.

Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader

Sex and Gender: A Contemporary Reader is a much-needed exploration of the relationship between sex, gender and gender identity. Its multidisciplinary approach provides fascinating perspectives from the sciences, social sciences and humanities, as well as biology, neuroscience, medicine, law, sociology and English literature. The 15 chapters are original contributions, authored by scholars who are leaders in their respective fields.

Israeli Masculinity, Sex Work, and Consumerism

The first of its kind to offer an in-depth analysis of masculine sexual repertoires in the field of sex consumption. Uses extensive data and observations of online ethnography among a community of Israeli sex consumers operating online.

Global LGBTQ Health

This book's provision of broader perspectives, cross-cutting disparities and issues, and socio-political-cultural contextualization inform the development of new research, policies, interventions, and programs. Students benefit by learning about LGBTQ health research, policies, and programs in various countries and regions. 

Feminisms in Movement

Feminist movements from the Americas provide some of the most innovative, visible, and all-encompassing forms of organizing and resistance.