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חינוך: ספרים חדשים

New Book

The Future of Inclusive Education

This book addresses the tensions of existing theories and practices of inclusive education from an international perspective.

Using Social Theory in Higher Education

This open access book offers a unique and refreshing view on working with social theory in higher education. Using engaging first-person accounts coupled with critical intellectual analysis, the authors demonstrate how theory is grappled with as part of an ongoing practice rather than a momentary disembodied encounter.

First-In-Family Students, University Experience and Family Life

This open access book, now in its second edition, offers a comprehensive overview of the experiences of First in Family (FiF) or first-generation students in higher education.

Schools and Society During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Through a series of diverse national case studies, the book examines the preexisting fragilities and vulnerabilities in educational structures which shaped the nature of the varied responses, around the world, to teaching and learning during the worst crisis in public education in recent history.

The Space of Inclusive Education

This collection of texts on inclusion of persons with special educational needs and disabilities from international and Ukrainian scholars was mostly written before the biggest war in Europe since WWII. 

Exploring Education and Democratization in South Asia

This volume brings together scholars, practitioners, activists, and students to reflect on socio-political transitions taking place in countries across South Asia and their implications for democracy and education.