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Arabic Newspapers


Arabic Newspapers in the National Library

An important collection of periodic publications in Arabic that appeared in Israel/Palestine from the beginning of the 20th century  


Jrayed – Arabic Newspaper Archive of Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine

“Jrayed” is a digital archive of newspapers and magazines in Arabic that were published from the beginning of the Ottoman rule in Palestine to the end of the British mandate in Israel. The archive holds many papers that offer a variety of political, cultural, religious, social and economic ideas. The archive holds daily newspapers as well as weekly, monthly and quarterly papers.



Al-Ahram Digital Archive 

Founded in 1875, Al-Ahram is one of the longest-running newspapers in the Middle East. It has long been regarded as Egypt’s most authoritative and influential newspaper, and one of the most important newspapers in the Arab world, with a circulation of over 1 million. Prior to 1960, the newspaper was an independent publication and was renowned for its objectivity and independence. After being nationalized by President Nasser in 1960, Al-Ahram became the de facto voice of the Egyptian government and today the newspaper is managed by the Supreme Council of Press. Access to the online version is via the Israel National Library.



Arabic News Websites

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