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Theses and Dissertations: Finding Theses and Dissertations

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Finding Theses and Dissertations in Library Catalog

The library catalog enables a quick and straightforward search for master's theses and doctoral dissertations written at Ben-Gurion University and other academic institutions in Israel and around the world.

Please use the main search page in the library catalog  by narrowing down the material type in the toolbar located below the search box.

To search for academic works, enter search terms (topic, title of work, author of the work, supervisor's name) and limit the search to one of the following options:

Theses MA (BGU) - Will display results of research works for master's degrees written at Ben-Gurion University.

Dissertations PhD (BGU) - Will display results of research works for doctoral degrees written at Ben-Gurion University.

For theses and dissertations from other academic institutions in Israel and around the world, select the "More" option and then limit the search to "Theses/Dissertations."

Finding Theses and Dissertations of Ben-Gurion University in "Digital Collections"

Theses and dissertations of Ben-Gurion University can be found in the "Digital Collections" tab in the library catalog:

1. Go to the "Digital Collections" tab in the top bar of the library catalog

2. In the digital collections page that opens, select "Collection of theses and dissertations"

3. The collection is arranged by the different faculties and the content is sorted by departments

4. Within the faculty's collection, you can search by supervisor name, author, title or words

Theses and Dissertations From Institutions Abroad

A search for theses and dissertations written in academic institutions abroad and in other institutions in Israel (not all) can be conducted in various databases, of universities or in various national databases. A list of these databases can be found under "Theses and Dissertations" in the list of databases in the library catalog:

1. Go to the "Databases Search " tab in the top bar of the library catalog.

2. Select the option of theses and dissertations on the sidebar, which will display the list of databases that allow locating theses and doctorates from various institutions in the world, or type the name of the database in the search box:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is a recommended database for searching theses and dissertations abroad. The database offers a wide variety of works, some in full text.

 Important note: theses and dissertations from the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database are also displayed when performing a general search in the library catalog - BGUsearch, but to download full texts of the theses/dissertations, a search must be performed directly in the database. Through the library catalog it will not be possible to download full text by remote access.