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First Steps In Academy: First Steps

First Steps

In the library you can find a wide variety of items, some electronic and some physical:

  • Books (literature, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, diaries and guides)
  • Academic journals (peer-reviewed studies)
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Visual and audio materials

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For general inquiries: 

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Steps to writing an assignment and gathering sources

Before starting the search, several important steps must be taken:

  • Choose the topic for your assignment
  • Choose important keywords relating to your topic
  • Find relevant databases in database search at 
  • Search the databases using the keywords
  • Find and save the relevant articles for your assignment. You can use RefWorks - reference ​management tool


Distinguishing Different Items

  • Book and Edited Book:

A book is an item written by one or more writers. An edited book is usually dedicated to a specific topic and holds a variety of articles or chapters relevant to that topic from a variety of writers.

  • Academic Article and Popular Article:

An Academic Article is an article published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal (the article was read and examined by researchers specializing in the same field). Academic articles are written in formal language and should be accompanied by a bibliography at the end of the article. There is no need to number the bibliographies.

Popular articles are published in newspapers or magazines. These articles are usually not peer-reviewed and don’t have a bibliography.


Searching Academic Articles- Differences Between Google Scholar and Databases