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Download Zotero

To download and install Zotero, visit


You must download and install two components:

  1. The standalone Zotero program (includes the word processor plug in). Zotero is available for Windows, Linux or macOS
  2. The Zotero connector on your browser for webscraping. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari which Zotero will detect.

For help installing Zotero after download, see the Zotero installation page.

Quick Start Guide 

Zotero Online

Zotero Online

Zotero Online 

Register for an online account at

Online accounts are free. You don't need an account to use Zotero software, but it allows you to join groups and sync your library across multiple devices.

To link Zotero software to Zotero online and sync your data, open your Zotero Preferences > Sync > Settings. Then sign in with your account details.

Customise your display

Customise your display

Once installed, display options can be changed in the middle panel.

  • Add additional display fields by clicking the   symbol and select the columns.
  • Reorder columns by dragging them. Click on the Heading of the column and hold while dragging them.
  • Columns can be resized by hovering over the border of the columns until the cursor changes to Column width iconthen clicking and dragging.


הינה תוכנה חינמית לניהול מקורות מידע Zotero


What is Zotero?

Zotero is a reference management software designed to collect, store, share, manage and cite sources. Zotero helps organise and keep track of research and in the preparation of your work. 

Why use Zotero?

  • Zotero is free, open source, can be used across multiple computers and after you have left the university.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Zotero Connector scrapes websites to create records.
  • Supports a large library of citation styles.
  • ​Has a single standalone application for users of all operating systems. The Zotero Connector for Firefox, Chrome or Safari, allows saving to the Zotero application or in a single click.

​Zotero Online Account

This is the cloud based version of Zotero. You can log into it and create an account easily. Use the online account to sync your Zotero library to the cloud and between computers. It also allows for sharing of references between accounts.



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