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Zotero: Sync, Share and Export

Sync your library

Sync your library

Creating a Zotero online account allows you to sync your library to the cloud and access it on any computer.

Data syncing will share your library entries, notes, tags and links between your computer(s) and Zotero servers. You can also see your library online at  There is no storage limit for data syncing.

File syncing will also share any attached files (PDF, audio, images etc). There is a storage limit of 300 MB per user, if your attachments are more than this size, your library will no longer sync between devices. You can purchase additional storage from Zotero, or look at alternative methods to share your files across devices.

Create an Online Account

  1. Go to the Zotero homepage and click “Register”.
  2. After registering, Zotero will send a confirmation email
  3. Check your email and validate it by clicking on the link

Sync Zotero Library with your online account

  1. Open Zotero Preferences
  2. Select “Sync”
  3. Enter your username and password and click Set up Syncing

Now any time you save anything, it will sync with the Zotero online.If you login to Zotero on a computer that isn't your own, you can set up syncing temporarily. Unlink your library after to ensure no one else can access your library


Create and Join Groups

Create and Join Groups

To use the group function you must set up an account at

Find out more about how they work on the Zotero Groups page. Join existing groups by searching for other members or group names, or create your own group to share references with other. 

You can customise the privacy and edit access level of your Zotero groups.

Creating Groups in Zotero

Create Reports

Create reports

Zotero offers many export options for your references. Select multiple items in the centre column, or select a collection in the left hand column.

Export as spreadsheet, BibTeX, XML, RIS or other file format

After selecting the items you want to export:

  • Right-click (ctrl-click on OS X) on your selection and select ‘Export items’
Simple reports

Reports are simple HTML pages that give an overview of the item metadata, notes, and attachments of the selected items. You can print them, post them to the web, and email them. After selecting the items to include in your report:

  • Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) on your selection and select ‘Generate Report from Items’
  • A new Zotero window will open which you can print, save or post online.

Reports are sorted alphabetically by title. For options on customising your reports, see the Zotero Reports Documentation.

Quick Copy

You can quickly generate a reference list in Word by highlighting a selection of items in your Zotero library and dragging and dropping (or copying with Ctrl-Shift-C) into an open Word file. Holding Shift while you drag and drop (or using Ctrl-Shift- A) will export citations or footnote style references. 

To choose the Citation Style for Quick Copy output, go to Zotero Preferences > Export and choose your style from the dropdown menu.

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