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What's in this portal?

This portal is dedicated to health issues in developing coutries and populations. We put the focus on diseases and conditions such as AIDS and Tropical diseases. We also try to link to data and information on the general social and political situations in these countries. For basic clinical databases, books and websites please visit our Medicine portal. You can also use our guides on Writing and Citing , Searching and more.

The text in Hebrew can be read with the "translate" function of the browser.

Featured article series

New England Journal of Medicine has a series of review articles on global health.  The series is built around articles that explain the need for global health, the challenges to achieving it, and the solutions to problems related to it.
The meaning of the term global health has evolved over time. In developing this series,  the concept of global health as “public health for the world” is adopted.

Aids and HIV

Point of Care Clinical Database Search


For basic clinical database click on the Database tab.

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