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Using PURE

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Updating your research outputs list

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Add a Publication

There are several ways to add publications:

Click on  “Add new” on the right side of the screen 

A new window will open. On the left is a list of content types - click the Research output button.

Here you have different options to add publications:

  • Create from template  

Select the right type of item you want to add and fill in as much of the details as you can. 

  • Import from online source 

Select an online database, enter relevant information and click on “Search”. Click “Import” for each item you wish to add to your list of publications, verify that all the information is correct, and click "Save" to add the item.  

  • Candidates 

Automated search scans various databases for information about research outputs that may belong to you. Candidates are found publications that may belong to you. 

Publications suspected as duplicates (already on the list) will have a red  banner stating that.  

Publications that you would like to add to your list can be added by clicking the "Import" button, verifying the details and saving the item. 

  •  Import from file - BibTex, RIS or Cerif 

Select the format of the file you wish to upload.  

After clicking “Import” check that all the data is filled correctly.