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Using PURE

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Press / Media

In the Press/Media section you can find automatically imported press media items imported to the PURE system. Items are imported since 2013.

To display Press/media items in the PURE portal, Log in to your account.

Press/media records that have been assigned to you will displayed on your profile overview page:

Click on the Press/Media icon to access your records. To make the items visible, enter the item, and then change the Visibility to "Public – No restrictions".

Don' t forget to click Save.


Adding an item manually:

Use the Press/Media template.

Click on “Add new” on the right side of the personal overview screen:

A new window will open.

On the left is a list of content types - click the Press/Media button.

An editor window will open, fill in as much information as possible.

Don' t forget to click Save.