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Using PURE

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Updating your research outputs list

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Managing Your Profile

Your Pure profile should reflect your current research projects, as well as your personal information and your activities.

You can add this information on your profile page.  

Feel free to check your profile data at the Pure Portal and make any edits or additions you feel necessary. 

To do that,  log in to Pure using your university username and password, click on the "Edit Profile" button on your Personal overview screen. 

Make sure you are located under the “Metadata” tab and go to the chosen content type. 


 If you make any changes, remember to click UPDATE and then SAVE to to keep the changes made to your profile. 


   Pure displays your name as it is shown in the main HR system and it can not be edited. 

Name Variants 

  If you are known by or publish under a different form of your name, you can add name variants to Pure. 

  If you add a name variant, be sure to set a default publishing name so the system can optimize the automated search for your publications in online databases


  You can add or can change your title if it is incorrect.


  It is possible to add other research IDs to your profile in Pure, such as Reasercher ID etc.

  Ordic ID is loaded from the HR systems (after you connect you ID to the organizational ORCID).

  You can repeat this step and add in IDs as required. 

Profile Photo 

  Feel free to upload a photo and personalize your profile.


  You can add links to your personal websites, or relevant social media platforms.

  • To add a link to a personal/professional website – to be displayed next to the Email in Pure Portal


Scroll down to Organizational affiliations and click on "Edit" button near your current employment details

An edit window will open with several options, choose the option to add "Web Addresses"

Don’t forget to SAVE at the end.

Curriculum and Research Description

  Click on the  "Add profile information" bottom to add a short description of your research, your general fields of interest, and what course you offer at the university. PURE Fingerprints tracks this field, so it is recommended to enrich it. 


Click CREATE to generate the record and SAVE to keep the changes made to your profile.

Positions Outside of the Institution

  Use this section to describe roles and activities in other institutions. 

  You can choose the institution from an existing list or create a new one. 

Education/Academic Qualification 

  Add academic or professional qualifications to your profile to provide further information

Click CREATE to generate the record and SAVE to keep the changes made to your profile.


You can add keywords to your profile to better represent your field of research. They will be displayed on the Overview page above the list of Fingerprints.