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Psychology: New Books

New Books

The Social Psychology of Eating

Our eating decisions are guided by several psychological dimensions: cognitive, emotional, value-based, social, and behavioural. The social psychology of eating helps us understand these dimensions and how we can promote healthy and sustainable eating to improve people's wellbeing.

Beautiful SCENT

his book will make you a perfume insider. Discover the effects, trends and future of perfume. Perfumery is on the verge of its third revolution, neuroperfumery, due to new methods of brain research and current findings in fragrance psychology.

Digital Psychology

This Essential provides an initial overview of the intersections of digitalisation and psychology and outlines the developing field of digital psychology. It highlights current projects, formulates research questions and aims to stimulate discussion, action and further development.

Sport Psychology

This textbook covers topics in sport and exercise psychology for students of psychology and sport science, as well as for sport practitioners who want to understand topics in sport psychology in more detail and depth.

Blame and Political Attitudes

This book argues that blame is the missing link between the two. Gail Sahar demonstrates that the current emphasis on value differences, whether between conservatives and liberals in the U.S. or between religious and secular countries on a global level, ignores commonalities in the way people think about issues.