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Psychology: Questionnaires and Research Tools

Questionnaires and Research Tools

Searching for questionnaires and research tools can be conducted in dedicated databases (in Hebrew or English).

A list of these databases can be found under "Test and Research Tools" in the list of databases in the library catalog:

1. Go to the "Database Search" tab in the top bar of the library catalog.

To receive a list of relevant databases in "Databases by Category", displayed in the menu on the left, select "Test and Research Tools."

Using "advanced search" in the library catalog you can search for questionnaires and research tools from theses and doctoral theses of Ben Gurion University or other universities.

  • Search by questionnaires - shows all research papers that have questionnaires. The questionnaires will usually be presented in the  appendices of the research paper. 
     A large part of Ben-Gurion University's research works can be found in an online version.

  • Search by BGU theses and dissertations - shows results of all research papers written at Ben-Gurion University (search can be focused by subject, thesis author, supervisor, etc.).
    In addition, by adding a search for the comment "qualitative research or "quantitative research" you can reach the desired research method.

ULI - the Union List of Israel includes all types of publications including theses and doctoral theses written in any one of the universities or colleges in Israel.

In this catalog you can search for questionnaires used in these research works by subject, name of the questionnaire/tool, author or subject of the research work.

Access to the ULI catalog is through the top toolbar of 

Using the "advanced search" option in ULI allows you to search for questionnaires and research tools from theses and doctoral theses written in all academic institutions in Israel.

You can search by keyword, subject, name of the questionnaire/tool, author, topic of the research paper or author of the paper and limit the type of material to "dissertations".

Using the ULI you can also search for an academic work (by title or author) in which the questionnaire or the research tool was used.

The PsycTests database is the database of questionnaires and diagnostic tools of the APA - American Psychological Association.

In the database you can find questionnaires and diagnostic tools in psychology, psychiatry and other research fields, built by researchers from all over the world.

Access to the PsycTests database is through the list of databases in the upper toolbar of .

The PsycTests database allows browsing or searching the research tools by the name of the tool, author, type of research tool (such as: questionnaire, interview, survey, psychological test) and more.

In the record of each result obtained, you can find detailed information about the tool such as: abbreviation of the tool's name, structure, purpose, permissions to use the tool, a link to the bibliographic source that used the tool, and more. The repository also allows access to the various versions of the tool.

In some cases there will be direct access to the full text of the questionnaire or research tool. Questionnaires that are not accessible in full text and are not part of a collection of research papers in the Aranne Library, can be ordered through interlibrary loan.

In the library catalog of the University of Haifa you can search for questionnaires and tools in a variety of fields, such as: sociology, psychology, education and more, from the collection of research works of the University of Haifa.

In the search box, under the "Books & more" tab, type the subject of the questionnaire or the full name of the questionnaire.

When the search is done by subject, the search results should be filtered by the resource type to "Research Questionnaire".