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Open Access (OA)

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Open Access Journals

Open Access (OA) publishing provide free and open access to academic research products (journals, books, reports, theses, etc.)

OA Models


Publishing on gold model involves funding, financed by the researcher or academic institution. Payment allows readers free access to the article. The journals titles are listed on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


Deposit of research material in an institutional archive (Institutional Repository). In this model the article is open to everyone free of charge. The deposit of the academic material takes place during the embargo period or the upload of the pre-print version before publication.


Published on the hybrid model incorporates the option of choosing between subscribing to the journal or alternatively paying a fee from research funds to the individual article if there is no subscription for the journal.

Advantages of Open Access Publishing

  • Science belongs to everyone.
  • Exposure to the public & industry that do not subscribe to the journal
  • Ability to make an impact policy
  • Increase the citations number 

Disadvantages of Open Access Publishing

  • Funding needed
  • Copyright Issues should take care
  • Qaulity control needed

Predatory Journals    

How to Identify Predatory Journals​

It is important to look carefully at:

  • Full details of the journal's address & website
  • Full details of the publisher & editors
  • What are the research records of the editors
  • Use the official DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), which contains the list of authorized publishers & journals that adopt the Open Access Advertising Model

For publishers policy you can look at SHARPA/ROMEO web site 

Publishers Agreements


Corresponding authors affiliated with BGU are eligible for full coverage of APC and Authors ChoiceTM publication fee and all additional publication costs for articles published in full Open Access and hybrid journals (subscription journals with an Open Access option) of Karger Publishing.

How to submit your paper to Karger Publishing. 

 Cambridge University Press

The University has a Read & Publish agreement and institution researchers are entitled to unlimited publication in the titles  publish the article in Open Access, his approval automatically will publish the article in OAincluded in List of OA Journals titles Publish Paper Process. After peer review, author will be asked if he would like to


SAGE Publisher has agreement with  BGU to publish in hybrid Open Access in 900+ journals (2020 SAGE Premier package) (SAGE Choice). SAGE invite authors to the SAGE Open Access Portal to take additional steps needed to make their article open access under the terms of this agreement.

The ​​​​​​Company of Biologists

BGU University has a Read&Publish agreement to unlimited publication. After peer review, researcher will be asked if he wants to publish in Open Access, his approval automatically will publish the article in OA. The researcher was required to submit the article through BGU mail.